The 2021 Quercus Collective Half Share subsription (minus Spring and Summer) includes 2 small boxes of seasonal medicine, homegrown and wildcrafted, prepared for Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice.


Each box contains 3 to 4 medicines to help you adapt to the seasons - such as lung syrup during wildfire season and elderberry syrup during flu season - as well as a small zine describing the medicines, different bodily systems, and ancestral traditions around the solstice and equinox holidays. The herbs we use are harvested in small batches from the wild and gathered from our garden, grown using organic farming methods.


Our Spring Equinox FULL SHARE included: spring clean vinegar, rosehip oxymel, Sierra Foothills seasoning salt, dusty rose face mask, tulsi ashwagandha + licorice tincture, tulsi rose + lilac honey. 

Herbal CSA 2021 Half Share - 2 boxes