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Our acorn flour is a hand-made, homemade product. We gather acorns from oaks on the land where we live and tend, then grind, cold-leach (in well water) and dehydrate it all into flour that's ready for cooking! Flour is made to order to ensure freshness and quality, so it may take anywhere between 2-28 days to process your order, depending on where we are in the process at the time of your order (and if we're on vacation!). The flour is dehydrated at a low temperature and is technically raw, though we do not recommend eating it raw. 


We gather and process by hand, and have calculated a fair price based on the time it takes us to make each product - thank you for understanding. We tend the oaks, and the land we live on with ruminant grazing, with ash, with offerings. There are no chemicals or sprays, pesticides or herbicides used anywhere on our acreage. We give thanks to the natives of this land, the Nisenan, for tending it for milennia. 


Thanks for supporting local slow-food!

Acorn flour is inherently gluten-free, organic and a nutrient powerhouse. We recommend mixing 1:1 with other baking flours.


We live on the land of the Nisenan people, and give 10% of our profits to the local tribe through CHIRP. Ancestral Homelands — California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (


The oaks we harvest from are primarily a mixture of Valley Oak (Quercus lobata), Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii), Jolon Oak (Quercus x jolonensis - a hybrid of Valley and Blue) and Black Oak (Quercus kelloggi). Any combination of those may be in a batch of acorn flour. 


We are currently shipping flour in compostable green ziploc baggies. Though we prefer paper, it absorbs the oils.

Acorn Flour

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  • Our acorn flour is processed in a home kitchen, with high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. That being said, acorns are a wild food- but we don't include acorns with weevils in our products! We store our acorns dried, and grind fresh when orders are placed. 

  • We cannot offer returns or refunds on our acorn flour, as it is a food product. If you find the acorn flour not to your taste, we recommend giving it to a friend or mixing it with a higher ratio of other flours.

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