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Kira Greene


Kira is inspired by the symbiosis of the natural world; she is working on being in a mutualistic relationship with nature (or at least a commensalistic one). As a lover of the plant kingdom, she might be found wandering in the wild (mingling with moss and wildharvesting the woods), the garden (growing with gerkins and lounging with lettuces), or the kitchen (experimenting with herbs and baking with blossoms).

She strives to learn as much as she can from nature, and to share it enthusiastically with her community. Formally, she studied Film and Media Studies from UCSB so will happily videograph anything interesting.

Informally, she will happily study everything else.

She has studied herbalism through Sajah Potham's Evolutionary School of Herbalism, Wilderness Herbal First Aid with the Herbal Medics Academy and did a doula certification program with Original Instructions School. 

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